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HB.com RK Fanart Contests

The First Scar

2008 Contest

Theme: Passages
Contest dates: 17.Apr.2008 to 15.Aug.2008

Status: CLOSED

What if-RK

2007 Contest

Theme: Memories & What Could Have Been
Contest dates: 03.May.2007 to 31.Jul.2007

Status: CLOSED

l'Ennemie et l'Amant by Gretsky

2006 Contest

Theme: Friends & Enemies
The Master Puppeteer by Gretsky Contest dates: 25.May.2006 to 31.Jul.2006

Status: CLOSED

In Dreams by Gretsky

2005 Contest

Theme: Dreams & Nightmares
Contest dates: 01.May.2005 to 31.Jul.2005

Status: CLOSED

Ambush, Take 2 by lynnet

2004 Contest

Theme: All's Fair in Love and War
Contest dates: 07.Jun.2004 to 31.Jul.2004

Status: CLOSED


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