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hakubaikou.com home The page where anything goes. Half of this stuff is utterly pointless, my contribution to the Cause for all you procrastinators out there. And if it's after midnight where you are, shouldn't you be in bed, young lady / man? Heh.

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  • RK Wiki:
    An RK themed Wiki that will hopefully make this site even more interactive than it is. Feel free to create an account and read/edit to your heart's content.
  • Episode Guide: What do I watch first?
    New to RK? Manga, series, movie, OAV's.... Overwhelmed by all the choices? This episode guide might help.
  • Oro!: Rurouni Exclamations Galore
    The neverending quest for "Oro!": A cheesy photo exhibit. Feel free to contribute.
  • Random Scribblings
    Articles, essays, editorials, and instructional writings on various website and RK related topics.
  • Monthly Poll
    Various, and often random, poll questions. Some serious. And some silly. Very... silly....
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