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My interpretation of a scene from chapter 84/Episode 41 of Rurouni Kenshin.
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I Need to Know

by Akai Kitsune ::: Oct.2003


Why is she here?

Why am I here?

I told her I was leaving.

He said he was leaving me...

I don't want her in danger.

He doesn't want me to be here.

Why didn't she listen to me?

He must think I'm a fool.

If anything were to happen to her -

But if anything happened to him -

... I'd die.

It would kill me.

I left to keep you safe.

I know he left to protect me...

Why do you always rush into danger?

I'm so reckless.

Wasn't I clear enough with you?

He told me exactly how he felt when he left.

Aren't you afraid?

I'm so afraid for him.

I wish you weren't here.

He must be so angry with me.

Go home. Please go home.

But I'm not leaving without him.

Can't you see you don't belong here?

I have a right to be here.

You're going to be killed.

Even if it kills me.

I can't always protect you.

He tries so hard to protect me...

I've failed in the past.

And he's never failed before.

You shouldn't trust a manslayer like me.

I trust him with my life.

I'll lie to you -

He carries secrets...

- and I might hurt you -

But he doesn't do it to hurt me.

- but still you follow me.

I'll keep following him.

Where do you think this journey will end?

I want to be with him at the end of his journey.

This place is death.

Even in death.

Why are you here?

I'm here because I love him.


"These friends of yours?"

The dark-haired man in the corner shattered the gaze between the two, his eyes drawn towards his former student, a single eyebrow raised.

Kenshin watched Kaoru for a long moment, then finally turned to his master.

"Yes," he said simply.

She's here because she loves me.

And I don't know what to do.


A response to Mir-san's TFME Autumn fanfiction challenge, focusing on perspective. Three-in-one is confusing, O_o

Akai Kitsune
Written October 2003
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