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Dear Tomoe

by Ayashi ::: 09.Jul.2003

Dear Tomoe

Nothing has changed.

Of course, that is an understatement.
We’ve moved to a different inn. Changed men. I’m no longer a hitokiri. Iizuka is dead.

You are dead.

But nothing has changed.

My hands still stain of blood. More blood.
The new era still hasn’t dawn. The streets of Kyoto are stilling raining blood.

Nothing has changed-
You are dead.

The snow of last winter has long since vanished; the colours of spring have faded; and now, the same flowers that had blossomed on our marriage day are starting to wither.

I stand here on this bridge- watching as the sun declares another dying day. One by one the buildings are swallowed up by darkness as the curtains of nightfall fall upon the city.

Has it already been a year?
I look to my left and thought I saw you, holding that diary, your shawl gracefully adoring your kimono.
Your jet-black hair; your pale skin; your raven eyes.
Your scarce smile.

Just like that day.

Just like that day when we took our vows, here on this bridge.

"Till death do us apart."

Has it already been a year?
I feel numb. The irony of that vow. That fateful vow.

Summer is dying. Yet I had felt no warmth this summer- the sun had failed to melt the frost of last winter in my heart.
And now, winter is approaching. I’ll be spilling more blood this winter.

Nothing will change the truth-
You won’t be keeping me warm this winter.


I stare up at the stars.


And we vowed-
Till death do us apart.



Happy Anniversary.

Just a very short, one-shot fic- if you can call this a fic… Hopefully I have achieved to express that empty hopelessness (?). This fic is to celebrate (?) Kenshin and Tomoe’s 109th marriage (?) anniversary.
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