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This fanfiction is a little comedy about Kenji's first day of school. Will he have a normal day at school? Well, poor little Kenji doesn't stand a chance when he is a member of the Kenshin-gumi. Enjoy! --- Gypsy-Chan.(Created 6/25/01, edited 4/15/03.)
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Kenji's First Day at School: Part One

by Gypsy-chan ::: 25.Jun.2001

At the Kamiya Dojo everyone was preparing Kenji for his first day of school. Kenshin was busy packing Kenji's lunch. Sano looked at Kenji and smiled with his fishbone hanging out of his mouth.

"Now remember kid, if anyone gives you a hard time, your uncle Sano will beat them to a pulp."

Kaoru whacked Sano on the head. "Don't say such things to my child. You are frightening him."

"Kenji should be used to seeing frightening things by now," Yahiko teased. "Looking at your ugly face every morning should have prepared him to handle anything."

"What did you call me you little brat!"

"I'm not little anymore. I'm 16 years old!"

"I'm still older than you," Kaoru smirked, "so that still makes you LITTLE!"

Kaoru and Yahiko started fighting. Kenji stood quietly watching everyone fighting and arguing.

Kenshin smiled at Kenji. "I made your favorite lunch Kenji-chan."

"Arigato daddy," little Kenji replied.

"Don't worry Kenji-chan," Kenshin said after tousling his son's fiery red hair, "everything will be fine on your first day of school. I know that you will get along with the other students, that you will."

Kaoru stopped fighting with Yahiko and turned to Kenji. "That's right son. I am sure that everyone will love you just as much as we do."

Kenji smiled widely at his mother. Kaoru continued, "And if they don't, I'll beat everyone to a pulp."

"Now you're talking," Sano added while pounding his fists together.

Kenshin stared at Sano swirly-eyed "Oro!"

"Hey Jou-chan, you want me to come along to make sure the kid gets a good start?"

"NO!!!" Kaoru shouted.

Sano sucked his teeth. "Geez!"


Kenshin, Kaoru and Kenji finally arrived at the school. There were many students. The bell rang and the teacher called for the students to line up. Kaoru noticed one little girl crying while holding on to her mother's kimono.

"I don't want to go! Don't leave me," the girl cried. The girl's mother hugged and kissed her daughter and took her inside the school. Kaoru smiled. She then looked over at Kenji and heard,

"Don't leave me! I don't want you to go!"

Kaoru whacked Kenshin on the head. "Kenshin no baka!! Let go of Kenji so he can go into the school."

Kenshin finally loosened his grip allowing little Kenji to breath. Kenji smiled, waved goodbye to his parents and ran happily into school.

Kenshin was worried. "He has never been away from us. How can we protect him if we leave him here?"

Kaoru smiled. "Don't worry koishii, Kenji-chan will be fine. He knows how to protect himself. He has been training with Yahiko since he was old enough to hold a bokken."

Kenshin still looked a little sad. He didn't want to leave Kenji. Kaoru smiled, gently put her arms around Kenshin.

"Cheer up anata. Now that Kenji-chan is in school we could..." Kaoru leaned into Kenshin and whispered something in his ear. A big grin grew on Kenshin's face. He suddenly scooped her up into his arms. Kaoru was stunned.

"Kenshin, what are you doing?"

"We must hurry home. We have only five hours before school is out," he winked and smiled widely at her.

Kaoru arched and eyebrow at him.. "And what about Kenji-chan?"

Kenshin smiled again. "I'm sure he will be fine. I'll send Sano or Yahiko back to check on him later." With that, Kenshin used his godlike speed to rush back to the dojo while carrying Kaoru in his arms the whole way.


Back in school, the teacher introduced herself to all of her students.

"Ohayo Gozaimasu. (Good Morning)"

The children all repeated, "Ohayo Gozaimasu."

"Watashi no namae wa Yoshida Sayuri desu." (My name is Sayuri Yoshida) I have made name tags for each of you. Please come to the desk and pick up your name tag," the teacher instructed.

The children did as they were instructed. They took their name tags from the teacher's desk and put them on.

The teacher continued, "Today we will learn a little about each other. Fujimoto Fujio please start us off by telling us a little about yourself and your family."

Fujio stood and said, "My name is Fujimoto Fujio and I am five years old. My father is the Emperor of Japan, my mother is the Empress and my uncle is a wolf."

The students giggled. The teacher looked sternly at Fujio.

"I know your parents and they are not the Emperor and Empress of Japan. I will not tolerate dishonesty. You sit in the corner until you are ready to tell the truth." The students looked at Fujio sitting in the corner and giggled.

The teacher glanced over to Kenji and said, "Kenji. It is your turn to tell us a little about yourself and remember to be honest."

Kenji hesitated for a moment and then began, "My name is Himura Kenji. I am five years old. My father is the Battousai, a former assassin, my mother teaches Kenjutsu, my uncle Sanosuke is an ex-gangster, my other uncle Yahiko formerly belonged to the yakuzas and my aunt Megumi is a doctor that used to make drugs. Oh I almost forgot about my relatives in Kyoto. They are all ninjas. But I'm not suppose tell anyone. It's a secret."

The students all laughed. The teacher shouted, "HIMURA KENJI GO SIT IN THE CORNER!"

Kenji obediently went to the corner.

Fujio looked at him and asked, "Did you lie too?"

Kenji shook his head. "No, I told the truth."

Fujio shrugged his shoulders. "Oh."


It was now playtime. Everyone was assigned to draw a picture of his or her family. The teacher finally allowed Fujio and Kenji to return to their seats. The teacher gave the students some paint to use for their pictures. Kenji needed the color blue. He politely asked a student named Nobuhito for the blue.

"No," Nobuhito simply said. He ignored Kenji and kept coloring.

Kenji asked nicely again.

"I SAID NO," Nobuhito answered harshly.

Kenji looked over to the teacher and saw that he head was down. She appeared to be reading something. Kenji turned back to Nobuhito. His eyes turned yellow. He took out his wooden sword and pointed it at Nobuhito. In a deep threatening voice he said, "I'll ask you nicely one more time. Give me the blue!"

Nobuhito began to tremble. "You can have the blue, green or any other color you want. Just don't hurt me!"

Nobuhito ran to the teacher crying. Kenji thought to himself, "My parents were right. I can get whatever I want if I ask politely." Kenji put his bokken down and picked up the blue paint.

Fujio glanced over to Kenji. "Hey Kenji do that thing again."

"What thing," Kenji asked.

"You know, the thing you did with your eyes to make them turn a different color," Fujio replied.


"Green is my favorite color. Can you make your eyes turn green," Fujio asked.

"No. But my father can," Kenji answered as he continued painting.

Fujio smiled. "That's cool!"


Both boys went to the corner.

"Why is she sending us to the corner this time?"

Kenji shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know."

"Well it's okay with me," Fujio said, "I kind of like this corner. Don't you?"

Kenji nodded. "Hai."

"Which game should we play now?"

Kenji stared at Fujio for a moment before answering, "I like rock, paper, sissors."

"OK," Fujio smiled.


During lunch the teacher was reviewing all of the drawings. She gasped when she saw Kenji's drawing of his family. It showed Kaoru choking Yahiko, Sano eating all the food and Kenshin waving his sword." She looked at Fujio's drawing. He drew a picture of two men fighting with swords.

"I definitely don't want to visit the parents of these children on report card day," the teacher thought inwardly. "I must find a substitute."

The teacher suddenly heard the children making a lot of noise outside. She looked out the window and saw Fujio fighting another student. She rushed outside.

The teacher grabbed Fujio and asked, "Why were you fighting Jurobei?"

"Because he called Kenji's father an assassin," said Fujio.

The teacher was a little puzzled. She looked at Kenji and asked, "Why didn't you fight Jurobei?"

"Because my father is an assassin," Kenji answered innocently.

The teacher grew angry and yelled, "HIMURA KENJI AND FUJIMOTO FUJIO.." Before the teacher could finish her sentence, Kenji and Fujio said in unison,

"We know, we know, back to the corner again."

As they were walking towards the corner Fujio asked Kenji, "So, what do you want to play this time?"

"I don't know."

"Let's play rock, paper, sissors again," Fujio suggested

"Ok," Kenji answered.

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