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Updated: 07.Apr.2005 -- Updated for clarity. I hope. ;-)

Thanks very much to all artwork and wallpaper contributors. This site wouldn't exist without your generosity!

Fan Fiction Policy

I do NOT accept story submissions.

Please do not e-mail me asking me to read or post your stories. Stories posted at this site are by invitation only. This has been my policy since the beginning of this website. If you're interested in posting RK stories on-line, I recommend FanFiction.net. It's a lovely community. I have my own stories archived there.


NOTE: For contest entries, please see the Contest Rules page. These submission rules here are NOT for contest pictures.

If you do not understand these rules, please find a friend or family member to help you with them. Thanks!

All image files must be in JPG or GIF format.

Preferably JPG. No other formats will be accepted.
No PDFs, no TIFFs, no BMPs, and no PNGs.

Fanart Pictures:

  • File sizes must be under 200 kb.
  • Image dimensions must be under 1000 pixels in height and width.
  • If your artwork is inspired by a fanfic, it would be nice to tell the author that you've drawn the pic before you send it to me. Also, please include a URL of the author's story so I can link to it.

  • Wallpapers:

  • File sizes must be under 400 kb.
  • Image dimensions must be exactly 1024x768 or 800x600 pixels.

  • Fan-made Doujinshi:

  • File sizes must be under 400 kb.
  • Image dimensions must be less than 1000 pixels wide.
  • There is no specific limit on image height.
  • Please make sure the text is large enough to read.

  • If you do not have software to convert your images, then I highly recommend IrfanView. It's a small, FREE program that you can download. It allows you to shrink images and convert them to pretty much any file type you want. It's a great program and it's very simple to use.

    IF YOU ARE REALLY CONFUSED about converting images, CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

    Absolutely no R or NC-17 content

    In other words, no sexually explicit images please.

    Do NOT send stolen art.

    It's ridiculous that I even have to say this, but unfortunately, it's happened more than once now. If I find that you've sent me stolen art, I will take down the stolen piece. And I will NEVER post any other works you send me even if you're very, very sorry, and even if you actually drew the subsequent pics. Because, frankly, all your works will be suspect, and I don't have the time or the patience to check each one for its authenticity.

    Of note, a grey area: Fan arts that are copied or heavily referenced from official pics are often considered theft by other websites even if the artist actually drew the pic him/herself. I have still not come up with a good solution regarding referenced pics. I will usually allow them on this site. I have, however, had to take down a few because site visitors complained. Just be aware that other sites may not allow such pics.

    Love your own art. ;-)

    Please do not send me artwork that you hate. Please don't e-mail me a piece of art and tell me in that e-mail that the artwork is bad, or that it sucks, or you just slapped it together in 5 minutes, or that you don't like it. I most likely won't believe you, and to be frank, it really doesn't make my day to get a submission like that. Modesty is a good thing, generally. But not in this case. ;-)
    Sending Submissions

    Reminder: Before you send your art, please check to make sure you've followed the rules stated above. You wouldn't believe how many times people forget.... :-P

    And again, if you are confused, go here.

    Send artwork to....


    • PREFERRED WAY: E-mail me the URL of your picture if your pic is already on-line somewhere. If you don't have your own webspace, I recommend Photobucket.com. It's a free site that lets you load your pictures on-line and store them there. They also allow direct-linking.

    • ALSO PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE: You can also send images as e-mail attachments.

    • I usually respond to e-mails within 1 week (unless I'm out of town.) If you sent me something, and I don't reply within that time, please feel free to e-mail me again. I may not have received your first message.

    • Sorry, but I do not accept fan art via snail mail.

    Please include the following info:


  • The name you want to be known by on this site.
  • If you DON'T want your e-mail listed publically on your profile page, please let me know.


  • Website URL
  • On-line gallery URL
  • FFnet URL
  • ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, or other instant messaging info
  • Tell a little bit about yourself